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Private rented accommodation safety

The Housing Health and Safety Rating System (HHSRS) have introduced a new risk assessment system which deals with 29 hazards relating to:

  • Dampness, excess cold/heat
  • Pollutants for example asbestos, carbon monoxide, lead
  • Lack of space, security or lighting, or excessive noise
  • Poor hygiene, sanitation, water supply
  • Accidents, falls, electric shocks, fires, burns, scalds
  • Collisions, explosions, structural collapse

Each hazard is assessed separately and if considered 'serious' identified as a category 1 hazard. All other hazards are called category 2 hazards. We've a duty to act on all category 1 hazards. This may involve the owner removing or reducing the risk or in some cases restricting occupancy or even demolition.

Landlords have a duty of care to ensure their properties are suitable and safe for occupation and the latest fire, gas and electrical regulations are followed.

The following documents outline the most common problems:

Visit the Plymouth Energy Community website for advice and information on healthy homes including a video on how to prevent damp and mould.