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Report a bad landlord or poor housing conditions

We're always working to improve housing conditions in Plymouth and want to know about properties that are in poor condition or are causing problems for neighbouring houses and flats.

Everyone renting a home from a landlord should be treated fairly and with respect. Most landlords are responsible and honest but some 'rogue' landlords rent homes which are unsafe and in appalling repair. These landlords are exploiting their tenants and undermining the efforts of the other landlords to provide good standards.

We want to know about landlords who don't respect tenants' rights, fail to carry out essential repairs and fail to provide clean, safe accommodation.

If you have concerns about the property you live in you can contact us and provide details of the concerns and upload photos or call 01752 398500.  You can also contact us with concerns about other property.

All information will be confidential and we won't discuss it with anyone else unless we have your permission or there is a legal requirement to do so.

When possible we try to work with landlords, tenants, leaseholders and owners to avoid legal action. However when circumstances require it we can use our enforcement powers.

GOV.UK has information and advice for leaseholders including the booklet 'Residential long leaseholders - A guide to your rights and responsibilities'.