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Report a missed collection

If your bin wasn't collected on it's planned collection day you can report this to us.

If we didn't get to your street

If we don't get to your street, we may get there in the next day or two. You can always:

  • take your waste to your nearest recycling centre
  • keep your waste on your property until your next scheduled collection

When to put your bin out

Put your bins on the kerbside from 6.30pm the night before your collection day. Return your bin/bags back within your property boundary before midnight on the day of your collection.

Why was my bin not collected?

There could be a specific reason your bin has not been emptied, such as:

  • excessive weight
  • contaminated recycling
  • wrong materials in the bin
  • not at the boundary of your property ready for collection

It is the householder's responsibility to resolve this issue in time for the next scheduled collection. This is not treated as a missed collection, and you should take the waste to a recycling centre for disposal.

To have your bins/bags collected you must:

  • use Council provided bins/bags
  • present your bins/bags in the correct place for your household on collection day

Containers are the property of the Council and should stay at the address they have been supplied to. Residents are responsible for their bins/bags and must keep them on their property between collections.