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My bin has been tagged

Our crews will not be able to collect your bin if it:

  • contains items that shouldn’t be in there
  • is too full for the lid to fully close
  • is too heavy to be safely moved

They will attach a red tag to the bin to let you know why it wasn’t collected.

Contaminated bin

If you put the wrong type of waste in your bin our crews will not be able to collect it.

Common types of contamination include:

  • Nappies - These need to be put in your brown bin
  • Bagged recycling - All your recycling should be presented loose
  • Electrical goods - Take to a recycling centre
  • Textiles - Take to a recycling centre
  • Batteries - These can set on fire and endanger staff. You can recycle them in large supermarkets and some local shops
  • Garden waste - This must not be put in your brown or green bin. You can register for garden waste collections, compost your garden waste at home or take it to a recycling centre

Find a list of what waste should go in each bin.

You must remove any contamination before we can collect your bin.

Overfilled or too heavy

Our crews will only collect bins if they can do so safely. If a bin is too heavy it can’t be moved safely. If a bin is overfilled waste could spill out when crews are trying to empty it.

Lifting overfilled or heavy bins can also cause damage to the mechanical arms of the vehicles, causing delays and disruption to waste collections in the city.

If you have large or bulky waste items to dispose of you can request a Bulky Waste collection.

If you have excess household waste you can keep it on your property until your next scheduled collection or take it to your nearest recycling centre.

You must remove any excess waste and make sure the lid is fully closed before we can collect your bin.