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Road safety for schools

Congestion and parking issues near school gates

Your school might want to consider:

  • Sharing information with parents and carers on your school newsletter and website promoting good driving behaviour around the school gate. We have put together some key messages about safer parking around the school gates
  • Organise a formal or informal Park and Stride scheme. The UK charity Living Streets offers some guidance on how to set up a Park and Stride scheme in schools.
  • Upload on your website your school's 10 minute walking map to help parents plan their children's route to and from school. If parents choose to drive, they can use this map to find streets where they can park safely and legally away from the school gate, and walk the rest of the journey.
  • Ask parents driving to school to sign a pledge where they commit to driving and parking safely and legally all the time. 
  • Run a parking campaign to raise awareness: you could involve children, ward councillors, residents, road safety officers and parking enforcement officers. 

School crossing patrol

School crossing patrols are near schools to help children and their parents cross the road safely before and after school during term time. The leaflet giving important information to parents and drivers about school patrol signs and actions. 

For any queries about this service or to work as a school crossing patrol

Road safety education

Children under 5

Nursery staff and Early Years teachers can borrow our Road Safety equipment box called Street Feet. Street Feet includes road safety equipment and suggested lesson plans.
For more information email:

Key stages 1 to 4

Think! is the Government designated website for national road safety campaigns. They have published a complete Road Safety curriculum for Key Stage 1 (KS1) to KS4. You can access all the resources and lesson plans on the Think! website.

Key Stage 5

Road crashes are the number one killer of 17 to 24-year-olds in the UK. For this reason, the three campaigns below target young people who will soon be driving or are novice drivers:

  • Learn2Live: This year’s live events will take place at the Crowne Plaza in November 2023. Schools and colleges can now book spaces for their students aged 17-19. Email to ask for the booking form
  • The Honest Truth: learn about the 10 most common factors of road traffic collisions amongst young drivers.
  • My Red Thumb: is an annual campaign that encourages young people to stop being distracted by their mobile phone whilst driving.

Road safety guidance for parents and carers

Road safety

Scooting safely

Cycling safely

For further support with road safety education, you can contact the Road Safety Team

Road safety training


Children can access the following cycling training in school:

Schools can also access free services from Sustrans Bike-it Plus officers, including scooter training, events, classroom activities, or bike maintenance.