Delivery of highway maintenance

Our Asset Management Policy and Strategy provide the basis for an integrated framework for the delivery of highway maintenance services across the city's road network and optimise resources for the management of the highway infrastructure.

The purpose of asset management planning is to change how we deliver highway services in a way that makes the process more intelligence led and customer responsive. An intelligence led approach will ultimately bring greater value for money and help achieve our key goals.

The principles of asset management are based around reliable knowledge of the asset. It involves having a comprehensive asset inventory, along with knowledge of the condition of the asset, its lifecycle and how long it will last. Equipped with reliable data, we're able to target investment at the areas of greatest need, ensuring that we maximise the return on our investment.

The main benefit of adopting an asset management approach is that it provides officers and politicians with informed levels of decision making.

 Draft Plymouth Paving Manual [PDF, 790KB]

 Highways Safety Inspection Manual 2018 [PDF, 3MB]

 Carriageway Resilient Network [PDF, 11MB]

 Footway Resilient Network [PDF, 11MB]

 Highways Infrastructure Asset Management Plan (HIAMP) [PDF, 1MB]