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Street trading licence

If you want to sell items on the street you need to apply to us for a street trading licence. The items you want to sell have to be approved by us.

  • Armada Way (from Royal Parade to North Cross)
  • Bedford Way
  • Central Road
  • Cliff Road
  • Courtenay Street
  • Elliot Street
  • Elliot Terrace Lane
  • Esplanade
  • Frankfort Gate
  • Grand Parade
  • Hoe Road
  • James Street, Devonport
  • Lambhay Hill
  • Madeira Road
  • Market Avenue
  • Market Way
  • Mayflower Street
  • New George Street
  • Notte Street
  • Old Town Street
  • Pier Street
  • Raleigh Street
  • Union Street (from Derry’s Cross to Western Approach)

Streets you can't trade from

  • Approach to the old Plymouth Aquarium, off Hoe Road
  • Armada Way (from Notte Street to Citadel Road)
  • Armada Way (from Notte Street to Princess Street)
  • Barbican (only that which is publicly maintainable highway)
  • Bretonside Bus Station
  • Citadel Road (from Lockyer street to Hoe Road/Hoegate Street)
  • Derry’s Cross.
  • Drake Circus
  • Eastlake Street
  • Ferry Road
  • Holyrood Place
  • John Street
  • Old George Street (inc. Theatre Royal forecourt)
  • Parade
  • Pottery Road
  • Princess Street
  • Royal Parade
  • St Andrews Cross
  • Tamar Street
  • Western Approach

Apply for a Street Trading Licence (opens new tab)