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Volunteering is when someone spends unpaid time doing something to benefit others. Volunteering can be formal and organised by organisations, or informal within communities. It should always be a free choice made by the person giving up their time. Everyone can volunteer.

Volunteering with us

Volunteers are an important part of Plymouth City Council and we appreciate the time you give to the community through us. We want you to feel valued and hope that you will find your volunteering experience enjoyable and rewarding.

Volunteers handbook

Why volunteer?

Volunteering can make a real difference to your own life and the lives of those around you.

You can meet new people, do something interesting and rewarding with your time and pick up new skills or make use of existing ones.

Read the experiences of some of our volunteers.

How to go about volunteering

There are lots of ways to get involved through the Council or elsewhere in your community. You just need to find the right volunteering role for you? Here are 3 steps to follow:

Think about what interests or excites you

This could be something you enjoyed doing before, or something completely new.

Think about what time or skills you can give

With so many opportunities to choose from, it's a great idea to narrow down the choices by thinking about how much time you have to give.


Find out what's available through our volunteering opportunities and those of other organisation in Plymouth

Volunteering opportunities with us

Opportunities to volunteer with Plymouth City Council:

Other volunteering opportunities

For other volunteering opportunities in Plymouth visit the GoVolunteering website.


For more information about volunteering, email