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Apply for an in-year school transfer school place - 2022/2023

If your child is already at school and you want a transfer of school in Plymouth, you can apply using the in-year school transfer application.

You can apply for up to three schools (your first, second and third preferences). Some schools (mainly faith schools) also ask you to complete a supplementary information form that must be sent directly to them.

Step 1 - Find the three schools you're interested in

Read the relevant admission criteria for each school. All of the information you need including the school admission criteria, process timetable and school contact details are in the In-year parents guide:

In-year parents guide

Any changes to your application after submission must be notified in writing via email. The close date for applications is at midnight on each working day.

We aim to allocate a school place within 15 school days of receipt of your application. Most allocations will be made well in advance of this but this depends on if we need to obtain further information.

Step 2 - Apply for an in-year school transfer school place

Supplementary Information Forms (SIF)

Exceptional medical social need

Old Priory Junior Academy



St Boniface RC College

Notre Dame RC College

Catholic schools

Pupil premium

Discovery MAT

Learning Academies Trust

Marine Academy Primary

Tor Bridge Primary



Old Priory Junior Academy