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Due to the risk involved in handling asbestos we recommend you use a licensed asbestos removal service. You can take small amounts of bonded asbestos to Chelson Meadow.

Don't take it to any other recycling centre in Plymouth or put it out with your rubbish.

Bonded asbestos is not classified as household waste.

Make a booking

You need to book 2 weeks in advance before taking asbestos to Chelson Meadow yourself. 

All bookings will be chargeable at £11.50 per bag/sheet. Payment by debit/credit card only taken at Chelson Meadow when you dispose of your asbestos.

Our team will get back to you within 2 working days to confirm your appointment.

Transporting asbestos

Do not do any of the following to asbestos:

  • break
  • drill
  • scrub
  • saw

Before transporting double-wrap it in strong bags or plastic sheeting. Then seal using gaffer or duct tape.

When you arrive

When you arrive at Chelson Meadow let our staff know. We can then direct you to the hazardous waste area. You will need to complete a form so we know where the asbestos came from.