Changes to your circumstances affecting benefits

If your circumstances change, please tell us as soon as possible. The change may mean that you're eligible for more Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support.

Report a change in circumstances

To make sure we can award you any extra benefit, we need to be told of any change within one month of it occurring. 

Some changes may mean that you are no longer able to claim Housing Benefit and must make a claim for Universal Credit.  

Call 01752 668000 or use the online form above to let us know of any change in your circumstances.

If you don't tell us within one month, we can only change your benefit from the Monday following the date you tell us. This means you may lose money that you're entitled to.

If the change means that you get less benefit, it is better to tell us as soon as possible so we can adjust your claim quickly. This means you'll be paid the right amount of benefit and will help prevent overpayments from occurring. You need to tell us if you think you're being overpaid or your circumstances change as you may have to pay back the overpayment or we may take it from future benefit payments.

You must tell us of any changes in your circumstances even if you've already told the Department for Work and Pensions, Job Centre Plus or HMRC tax credits.

Some changes that could affect your claim are:

  • You make a claim for Universal Credit
  • You move accommodation (including your room or flat within a property)
  • You or your partner's income or savings goes up or down
  • You or your partner start or stop working
  • You or your partner's benefits change
  • Anyone joins or leaves your household, including a partner
  • Your rent changes
  • A non-dependant in your household has a change in their income or, if they are in receipt of Universal Credit, they start work
  • You get married
  • Your children turn 18
  • You have been, or intend to be, absent from your home for more than 4 weeks

If your Housing Benefit ends because you have claimed Universal Credit you will be eligible for a 2 week transition to Universal Credit payment of Housing Benefit.  This will be paid automatically by the council and will not be recovered from any Universal Credit payment you receive.

Report a change in circumstances

Chief Executives Direction of Acceptance

 Click here to view the Direction Acceptance of electronic claims and changes of circumstances [PDF, 132KB]