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Crisis Support

We work in partnership to provide support for residents of Plymouth who are in a financial crisis because of an emergency or other unexpected circumstances.  

We may be able to refer you to Foodbank for support. They might be able to help you with:  

  • food
  • clothes for job interviews
  • budgeting
  • advice and support

Who is eligible for a Foodbank crisis referral

You must live in Plymouth and one or more of the following apply:

  • you've just started a new job and won't be paid for a while (you will need to provide evidence of employment)
  • a crisis such as illness has affected your ability to manage day to day essential living expenses
  • an unexpected bill arrives, such as funeral expenses, that puts you in financial crisis
  • there has been a change in your benefit entitlement. For example, a suspension or a change of circumstances or you are waiting for a new benefit claim to be assessed. You will need to apply for a short term benefit advance, hardship payment and/or budgeting loan from the job centre before we can refer you to Foodbank

You are not eligible for crisis support if you do not live in Plymouth, or if:

  • you have already had three referrals to Foodbank within the last 12 months
  • you have failed to take advantage of support offered
  • you have access to financial help from other sources, such as friends and family
  • you are unable to provide evidence if asked for to support your crisis referral
  • your needs could be met though eligibility to budgeting loans, short term advances (formally benefit alignment payments), cold weather payments, winter fuel payments or requirements under Fair Access to Care Service (FACS)
  • you have been banned from using the Foodbank or Oasis premises

Apply for a Foodbank crisis referral

If you think that you are eligible for a crisis referral phone 01752 668000.

Organisations that can help

These local organisations provide financial advice and assistance:

The national Turn2us website has more information, help and advice.