Chelson Meadow van and trailer permit

Apply for a permit

Vans (excluding hire vans) and trailers are allowed into Chelson Meadow providing they have a valid permit.

If you're a Plymouth resident you can apply for a free permit below. You will need to provide proof of residency and vehicle ownership.

Mornings tend to be busier on site so to help reduce waiting times vans and trailers are currently only allowed between midday and 6pm. 


Apply for a van/trailer permit

Frequently asked questions

Yes, you will need a permit if you want to bring household waste in a van or trailer.

  • Yes if you are a Plymouth resident
  • Only one permit per household/per vehicle is allowed
  • Any vehicle that is over 3.5 tonnes when fully laden or over 3 metres long
  • Any flatbed or dropside tipper style vehicle
  • You will be allowed 6 visits a year for a large van (Ford Transit size) and for a large trailer between 1.8 metres and 3 metres long
  • You will be allowed 12 visits a year for a small van (Ford Fiesta size) and for a small trailer less than 1.8 metres long
  • Online
  • Call 668000 for more information

To apply online you’ll need an electronic copy of:

  • Vehicle Registration Document (V5 log book, all pages)
  • your photo card driving licence or a valid paper licence
  • Council Tax or utility bill from the last three months to be uploaded at the time of application

No you need to use your own vehicle.

The passes last 12 months and you can renew by using the online facility. You will need all the same evidence as for the first application.

No you will need to re-apply. This can be done online and evidence will be required.

No you will need to re-apply. This can be done online and evidence will be required. The previous permit must be presented the first time you come down to Chelson Meadow with the new vehicle and the permits can be swapped over.

You will need to reapply for your permit. There will be a £10 charge.

We will not accept any auto parts (car/motor bike etc.) other than your car battery or your engine oil.

All camper vans require a permit except:

  • Those with windows throughout the vehicle (no panels) and two rows of seats in the back
  • Those with a fitted sink and cooker

We reserve the right to investigate and if necessary withdraw your permit

It is an offence under the Environmental Protection Act (1990) to deposit materials illegally. If you collect or transport materials other than your own household waste you are required to possess a Waste Carriers Licence. Claiming material as household waste when it did not arise from your house is an offence.

Permit information

  • One permit per household is issued to Plymouth residents
  • Permits are not transferable so please let us know if you move house or change your vehicle
  • Permits will not be issued to flatbed/dropside/tipper type vehicles

Number of visits

  • Permits for small vehicles (Vauxhall Corsa size van or trailer under 1.8 metres long) allow you to make 12 tips a year. 
  • Permits for large vehicles (Ford Transit size van or trailer between 1.8 and three metres long) allow you to make six tips a year. 

If you have green or garden waste only it will not count against the number of tips.