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Blue Badge parking in Plymouth

The Blue Badge Scheme is a National scheme with the rights and responsibilities set out in the booklet issued to every badge holder. There are options that are left for local authorities to decide. It is important to note these provisions are different for each local authority and you should always check with the local authority before parking.

In order to qualify a blue badge must be displayed on the dashboard or fascia panel so it can be clearly read through the windscreen.  A clock must be set to show the time of arrival and displayed next to the blue badge when parked, where a time limit applies.

In Plymouth

Unless the restriction is listed below the restrictions displayed on the signs will apply to Badge holders.


  • Yellow lines - for 3 hours or less (with a badge and clock)
  • Resident bays - for 3 hours or less (with a badge and clock)
  • Disabled bays - for an unlimited time unless roadside signs show time limits
  • Pay and display bays - for an unlimited time and free of charge


In our car parks charges apply to Blue Badge holders. A vehicle displaying a valid Blue Badge can park for an extra hour after expiry of purchased time (this applies pay and display car parks only). Any driver using a disabled bay must display a Blue Badge at all times.

If you're a regular car park user there is an Accessibility Permit that allows a Blue Badge holder to park for free in all Council car parks.