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Changes to your circumstances affecting benefits

You must tell us straight away about any change that could affect how much Housing Benefit or Council Tax Support you get.

If you do not tell us about a change within one month of it happening:

  • you may lose out on extra benefit
  • we may pay you too much and you’ll have to pay it back

Some changes may mean that you are no longer able to claim Housing Benefit and must make a claim for Universal Credit. 

You must tell us of any changes in your circumstances even if you have already told the Department for Work and Pensions, Job Centre Plus or HMRC tax credits.

Report a change

You will need your:

  • benefit reference number (you’ll find this on any letter about your Housing Benefit or Council Tax Support)
  • National Insurance Number

Changes that may affect your claim

Some of the changes you must tell us about are:

  • you make a claim for Universal Credit or the amount of Universal Credit you receive changes
  • you move home or accommodation (including your room or flat within a property)
  • you or your partner's income or savings goes up or down
  • you or your partner start or stop working
  • you or your partner's benefits change
  • anyone joins or leaves your household, including a partner
  • your rent changes
  • someone is receiving, or starts to receive, Carers Allowance for you
  • a non-dependant in your household has a change in their income or, if they are in receipt of Universal Credit, they start work
  • you get married
  • your children turn 18
  • you have been, or intend to be, absent from your home for more than four weeks

If your Housing Benefit ends because you have claimed Universal Credit you will be eligible for a two week transition to Universal Credit payment of Housing Benefit. This will be paid automatically and will not be recovered from any Universal Credit payment you receive.

Suspended awards

If you receive Housing Benefit or Council Tax Support and we have sent you a letter telling you it has been suspended because of a change in your circumstances. You can use our form to send us the supporting evidence we have asked for. 

Chief Executives Direction of Acceptance