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Children and young people with deafness

The term 'deaf' refers to all types and levels of identified deafness, including glue ear.

We provide:

  • ongoing assessment of a deaf child's functional listening
  • social and emotional support to families
  • opportunities for children and family members to understand deafness and develop ways a deaf child or young person can be included
  • environmental checks and advice on how to improve listening environments
  • practical and educational advice to families/carers, early years settings and schools (including specialist provision)
  • support for pupils/families/schools at key times (for example transition between schools)
  • deaf awareness training for peer groups and adults who come into contact with a deaf child or young person (including wider family members)
  • training for parents and professionals
  • direct teaching to deaf children
  • guidance on accessing the curriculum (including sensory/experiential curriculum)
  • support to help a child or young person's independence skills and social/emotional well-being
  • progress monitoring and target setting
  • signposting to other organisations
  • access to deaf adults as positive role models to promote emotional wellbeing in deaf children and have confidence in who they are

We work closely with the following organisations and professionals:

  • ear, nose and throat consultants
  • speech and language therapists
  • special educational needs coordinators (SENCo)
  • school based staff
  • educational Psychologists
  • physiotherapists
  • volunteers (for example Plymouth Deaf Children's Society)
  • parent support advisors
  • paediatricians
  • cochlear implant team members
  • audiology
  • Sensory Solutions

How to request support

If you need more information or support contact SEND Access Early Help. Email:

Medical information is required which we use with criteria from the National Sensory Impairment Partnership (NatSIP)  to decide on the level of support given.

Use the Plymouth Online Directory to view the Plymouth SEND Local Offer