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Children excluded from school

Your school will have a behaviour policy that sets out how they expect pupils to behave. If your child doesn't follow their school's behaviour rules, they may face detention, a suspension or a permanent exclusion.

Before exclusion

Before exclusion is used your school should try:

  • restorative justice (gives your child a chance to put right any harm done)
  • mediation (a person helps sort out any conflict between your child, other pupils or a teacher)
  • internal exclusion (your child is moved somewhere else within the school or moved to another class on a temporary basis)
  • use of Alternative Provision
  • engagement with external services
  • off-Site direction (your child attends another school for a fixed period of time)

How we can help

We can help to resolve individual behavioural issues to prevent a permanent exclusion by:

  • offering advice and support to schools with procedures for exclusions
  • offering advice to parents about exclusion procedures
  • working with schools in supporting pupils' needs to avoid exclusions
  • working with educational psychologists
  • liaising with other agencies
  • advising at exclusion meetings
  • making representations at independent review panels
  • supporting pupils and parents in arranging post exclusion placements

Further information

For government information on exclusions see

Contact Education welfare