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Climate Connections

The Climate Connections website is designed to be one common point of reference for Plymouth’s net zero mission. It’s a place where everyone can share knowledge, activities and experiences around their net zero journey.

The role of the website is:

To explain:

The overall game plan for how Plymouth can get to net zero (highlighting priorities, challenges and progress).

To engage:

All of the city in this mission including residents, businesses and organisations. We can only achieve net zero if we all take action.

To build:

From the bottom-up, the city’s climate emergency action plan, through the plans and pledges of organisations, businesses, groups and individuals.

To showcase:

The wealth of activity going on from everyone in the city – a place to share experiences, knowledge and resources.

The website has been produced by Plymouth City Council acting as a custodian for the site with contributions from organisations and individuals across the city.

We welcome suggestions, contributions and ideas from all Plymouth’s residents as we continue to improve and expand functionality over time.

Visit the Climate Connections website.