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Plymouth Net Zero Partnership

Plymouth’s mission to be a carbon neutral city by 2030 can only be achieved if the whole city plays its part. The Plymouth Net Zero Partnership exists to help make this a reality.

It was formed in May 2020, when several key organisations from across the city agreed to work together to tackle the climate emergency.  In November 2022, the partnership was refreshed, with an expanded membership and revised structure.

The Partnership is made up of an Executive Board, to provide effective and visible strategic leadership in driving Plymouth’s transition to net zero, and theme-based advisory and action groups, each bringing different areas of expertise to the city’s climate response. Current thematic groups include a Net Zero Action Group, which brings together sustainability specialists from large organisations, and Future Plymouth 2030, a network of experts from the construction sector. Others are under consideration. (See structure chart)

The Executive Board includes representatives from the both small and large organisations and businesses, the Plymouth Youth Parliament, the City Climate Ambassadors group, Plymouth Culture, the Devon Climate Emergency, as well as a representative from each thematic group.

Net Zero Partnership diagram