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Correct a birth registration

A correction to a birth registration can only be made if the information is wrong. If your circumstances change after you've registered a birth (for example natural parents getting married) you can apply to re-register the birth.

Apply for a correction

If you notice a mistake on your birth certificate call 01752 268331 or email If the mistake is minor we'll make an appointment with you to make the correction or if the mistake involves a name you'll need contact the General Register Office. There will be a fee relating to this service which we will inform you of at the time of your enquiry.

Who can apply for a correction

The mother or the father (if his details are included on the certificate) can apply for a correction.

What you need to bring

You'll need to show that the original information is wrong by producing documents that clearly show what the correct information should be. These documents should be valid or dated around the date of birth.

The original information will always be in the birth register. After the correction has been made, a note will be added to the margin of the register. This will explain what the correct information is and when the correction was made. If you apply for a new birth certificate, the note containing the correct information will be in the margin. Short birth certificates won't show the note in the margin.