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Re-register a birth

You need to re-register a birth at the register office you originally registered. Complete and sign one of the forms below and deliver to the Register Office along with the original birth certificate and relevant documents.

Once we have checked your application we will contact you to make an appointment.

Re-register a birth to add the natural father's details

The nature father's details can be added to the registration if:

  • you are not married to the natural father
  • the father isn't recorded in the register

Re-register a birth after marriage or civil partnership of natural parents

If you've married or formed a civil partnership with the natural father of your child you can re-register the birth to show this change.


There is no cost to re-register a birth but if you want to buy any new certificate they cost £11 each.

You can buy certificates at registration or buy a copy of a certificate afterwards.

  • Full birth certificate at time of registration - £11
  • Additional birth certificates at time of registration - £11

Plymouth Registration Service can only take payments by card.