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Register a stillbirth

When to register a stillbirth

If your baby was born after the 24th week of pregnancy but did not breathe or show any signs of life, you will need to register a stillbirth within 42 days. This has to happen before you are able to have a burial or cremation.

If your baby was born before 24 weeks and showed no signs of life you do not need to register.

If your baby showed signs of life after birth and then died you will need to register this as a birth and a death.

Who can register a stillbirth

Find out who can register a stillbirth on GOV.UK.

How to register

We will be provided with the necessary paperwork and contact details of the parent/s.

We will call the parent/s to make an appointment to register a stillbirth.

What information we need to know

  • baby's place and date of stillbirth
  • baby's name
  • baby's sex
  • parents' names and any previous names
  • parents' addresses
  • parents' places and dates of birth
  • parents' jobs
  • month and year of parents' marriage or civil partnership, if any

Certificate for burial or cremation

The certificate for burial or cremation gives permission for the funeral to take place. After registering a stillbirth the Registrar can email the form to the organisation arranging the funeral.


  • Certificate of registration - Free
  • Full stillbirth certificate - £11

Where to get further advice

If you have suffered a bereavement, whether you are a parent or other family member, the Stillbirth and Neonatal Death Society (SANDS)  can offer a range of support services.