Report an environmental problem

Before you report a problem try and speak to the person responsible for the issue as they may not realise they're causing a problem. If there's no improvement use the form below to report the problem:

Please note - Due to Coronavirus (COVID-19) measures, we are currently unable to deal with accumulations on private land due to the Recycling facilities being closed. Please do not enter a complaint at the current time as we will not be able to respond. This will be kept under constant review.

For more information see the update on bin collections and street services.


Report an environmental problem

We may be able to help with:

  • accumulation of rubbish (private land) that is hazardous, contains food matter, causes a smell or attracts rats
  • regular or repeated bonfire or chimney smoke issues (domestic properties)
  • Rat / mice problem
  • Feeding seagulls / birds
  • Dust and odour
  • Light pollution

We can't help with:

  • inert waste (chemically inactive), rubble, or waste that doesn't attract vermin
  • odour from domestic cooking smells
  • cigarette smoke travelling between domestic properties
  • one off bonfires (although any burning on commercial sites should be reported)
  • unsightly or untidy gardens

We'll make contact with the person causing the problem. Your details will be kept in confidence. If you don't want us to contact the person then we can't assist you with your enquiry.