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Information for young offenders

The Youth Offending Team must follow guidelines when working with you. We will:

  • Tell you what our job is and explain how we can help and support you.
  • Answer any questions you have that will help you complete your order.
  • Follow your progress and give you practical information to make sure you are doing what your court order says and also tell you when you are not doing what you should be doing.
  • Tell you what we have to do and how we can help you.
  • Respect that your information is private and if we need to share it we will explain why we have to do this.
  • Try to help you if a problem occurs or you're having trouble completing your order.
  • Help you to understand how your behaviour has affected your victim and the community.
  • Help you to reduce your offending.

Working with your Youth Offending Officer

While you are working with your YOT officer they will explore different areas in your life such as personal relationships, mental health, substance misuse, accommodation, education and training.

Your worker will complete an assessment and put together a plan with you and your parents/carer to support you with any problems you are having. This will meet the conditions of your court order and this will include any work that is needed to make good any harm your offending has caused.

If we can't help you we'll find someone who can, but we'll talk to you about this. Your worker will make sure that when your order is finished you'll continue to get any help and support you need if you still have any problems.


The YOT works with you and your needs, and the need to put right any harm, which means no plan is the same. You could spend more time with your YOT officer than someone who committed the same offence as you. Even if you did the offence with someone else, you may get different amounts of time with the YOT and different activities or restrictions from them.

Can I help change the Youth Offending Team?

You are important in helping us decide the way we work and we listen to you to help us improve our service. You can take part in lots of groups that help the Youth Offending Team (YOT). You can help us make DVDs used for training and informing the public and other agencies. It can be very rewarding and help improve your confidence and skills. If you're involved in this you may go to sessions where subjects that affect young people are talked about. You may be asked your opinion on how the community and YOS can improve services to prevent reoffending.

What you and your parents/carers have told us:

  • We want to know exactly what is going to happen to us in court and after - in words we can understand.
  • We want to see the same YOS worker throughout our sentence.
  • If you say you're going to do or get something for us - keep to it or tell us if things have changed. Don't lie to us.
  • We're worried about what is going to happen especially if we go to custody - we need to be told what to expect and what the process is.
  • Just because we commit crimes it doesn't mean we are stupid - treat us with respect and help us to stop our offending behaviour.

What happens if I'm not happy with the service offered to me?

If you or your parents/carers do not think you are getting a fair service or being treated properly, we want to know. Ask to speak to a member of staff so we can work things out.

  • You can contact us by telephone on 01752 306999
  • Speak to anyone working with you
  • Ask to see a manager
  • Write to a manager
  • Complete a complaints form

Your complaint will be taken very seriously and we will tell you what happens. You will continue to receive a service while your complaint is being investigated.

If I do everything that is asked of me can I finish my order early?

There is a process called 'revocation of an order' - this needs to be decided by the court. If you are intent on following the plan your worker draws up with you and you maintain this your worker can recommend to the court that your sentence is revoked.

What happens if I do not attend my youth offending appointments?

If you don't do what you're asked or commit another offence you’ll go back to court.

What happens if I don't feel safe, have been hurt or am a victim of crime?

Please talk to a worker so that we can help you. We might have to tell someone else but we will let you know what's happening and if something needs to be done.