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Support for parents and carers

The Plymouth Youth Justice Service offers support for parents and carers, including:

  • One to one parenting support
  • Family interventions
  • Parenting programmes

Parenting support

Parenting support helps build on your existing skills and abilities in managing your child's behaviour that puts them at risk of offending.

There are lots of types of parenting support including:

  • One to one parenting support
  • One to one advice and signposting to other services
  • Practical support in managing the behaviour of your child
  • Helping you set appropriate and realistic boundaries
  • Supporting you to improve how you communicate with your child
  • Supporting parents to improve their relationship with their child

Family interventions

Family interventions are ways of working with families to:

  • Support them to improve relationships
  • Support them to recognise and build on their existing strengths and skills
  • Support them to use consistent ways to cope in more difficult times

Parenting programmes

There are two types of parenting programmes:

Parenting wisely

One to one work with only parents or carers.

Strengthening families

Lots of agencies working with the child, parents and carers.

There are three ways of working with parents in the Youth Justice System:

  • Voluntarily - where parents choose to work with us without a contract or court order.
  • Voluntarily with a parenting contract - a more formal voluntary approach where the YOS parenting worker will enter into a contract with parents.
  • Parenting order - court ordered activities to prevent more offending or anti social behaviour, where parents or carers have not co-operated or followed parenting advice. Visit the Directgov website for more information.

We want your views to improve our service - what's worked and what hasn't, so we ask all parents and carers to give us your  feedback.