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Reparation/Unpaid Work

The YOT welcomes suggestions for reparation tasks from members of the community that meet the following minimum criteria:

  • It will benefit the local community
  • It will not take work away from others
  • No one will make a profit from the work
  • It will be worthwhile and constructive

Please note: We are a small team with limited resources and manpower. Reparation tasks will be performed on a one to one basis.

Email or call 01752 306999 to suggest a suitable project.

See below our five key areas of reparation projects.

  • Person with red wellington boots and spade

    Plymouth Youth Offending Team has managed the allotment for a number of years we use it as a resource to enable our young people to give community pay back as part of their reparation.

  • Glass jar with label saying charity

    Find out what charity reparation projects we have been working on

  • Aerial view of residential streets

    Find out what community reparation projects we have been working

  • Hands clasping wrists

    Outcome of offenders restorative work 

  • Red triangle traffic sign with children and the word school

    Find out what school reparation projects we have been working

  • people holding up speech symbols

    Find out what feedback we have received

  • Union Jack with words Coronavirus Covid-19

    Find out what Coronavirus (COVID-19) reparation projects we have been working on