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Intensive supervision and surveillance

Intensive Supervision and Surveillance (ISS) is a mixture of punishment and positive activities, available 365 days a year, providing the courts with an alternative to custody. It is designed to:

  • ensure that the young person makes amends for their offences
  • address the underlying causes of the offending
  • put in place support and activities to avoid offending in the future
  • manage the risks posed by the young person to the community
  • stabilise what is often a very chaotic lifestyle
  • involve the young person in the community, particularly through activities that can be continued when supervision by the Youth Offending Service ends
  • help the young person lead an independent life, free of offending

Intensive Supervision and Surveillance is available as:

  • a condition of bail where the young person is at risk of remand into custody
  • a requirement of a Youth Rehabilitation Order
  • a condition of a Notice of Supervision on release from custody
  • an element of an Intensive Referral Order

Intensive Supervision must always contain the following core elements

  • Education, training or employment
  • Restorative justice - making amends for offences
  • Offending behaviour
  • Family support
  • Interpersonal skills