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Local Development Scheme

The Plymouth and South West Devon Joint Local Plan is the up to date development plan for Plymouth, South Hams and West Devon and was adopted on 26 March 2019. The Local Development Scheme sets out the scope and timetable for producing the documents which, when prepared, will comprise the local plan for the area.

The first version of the Plymouth and South West Devon Local Development Scheme was published in October 2019 but has become out of date. The current up to date timetable for the production of plan documents is set out below:

  • Local Greenspace Development Plan Document: Paused
  • Managing Rural Development Development Plan Document: Paused
  • Plymouth Community Infrastructure Levy: Paused
  • Plymouth and South West Devon JLP Supplementary Planning Document: Adopted (Plymouth City Council 22 June 2020, West Devon Borough Council 9 June 2020, South Hams District Council 16 July 2020)
  • Statement of Community Involvement: Adopted (Plymouth City Council 10 March 2020, South Hams District Council 30 April 2020, West Devon Borough Council 9 June 2020)

The Joint Local Plan Councils are committed to the delivery of the plan, and to keeping its policies fully up to date at all times. A review of the Joint Local Plan will take place in 2024.

A new revised Local Development Scheme setting out the detailed timetable for the review will be produced once there is clarity about changes to the planning system.

Joint Local Plan timeline

Archived documents

Below are all the previous versions of the Local Development Scheme. These are documents which have been superseded, but are still available for you to view, purely for information purposes.


Listed below are all the Local Development Framework documents that have been submitted so far. All these documents have been sent to the Secretary of State to consider. We've already consulted on the issues and options and on our preferred options.

Comments have been considered in the preparation of these submission documents:

Key changes to the preferred options

This preferred option report was prepared as a basis for consultation on Plymouth's emerging Local Development Framework (LDF). It sets out the key changes we proposed since the original Core Strategy preferred options report that was published in July 2005. This report outlines the preferred policy directions, and highlights alternatives where appropriate.

Preferred options