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Mayflower Street

What did we do?

We installed two new bus shelters – complete with living roofs – at bus stops with improved passenger information displays. We made more space available for buses to use, with a new stopping area and we widened the kerb to reduce congestion in the street.

The scheme aimed to bring more passengers right into the heart of the city centre – close to both the train station and the coach station.

Before the scheme the road had one bus stop and a shelter as well as on-road parking.


Better bus stops on Mayflower Street helps prioritise public transport in the city centre and enables the northern part of the city centre to be better served by the bus network. We removed the parking at the east end and the disabled space around the corner.

There are currently 22 bus services which use the street to pick up and drop off passengers and discussions are underway with the bus companies to encourage more services to use this as an alternative to Royal Parade, which suffers from queuing buses.

How much did it cost?

The scheme began in November 2022 and finished in June 2023. It cost £703k with Transforming Cities Fund contributing £403k.

The Department for Transport’s Transforming Cities Fund aims to help reduce congestion, improve air quality and help the city prosper by investing in infrastructure to improve public and sustainable transport connectivity on key commuter routes across the city.

Images of the completed scheme