Resident parking permit

In some areas of Plymouth you need a resident permit to park near your home. All vehicles (including motorcycles) need a permit. We don't issue permits to some properties so please check the exclusion list below before you apply.

 Download Property excluded list [PDF, 232KB]


Each permit costs £30 a year.


Please allow up to two working days for your online application to be processed. Your permit will not be activated until it has been successfully approved. Please note that even though you have applied for permit, you still cannot park until you have received a permit activation email notification.

We no longer issue paper parking permits. Once your permit has been activated the vehicle details are securely stored so our patrol officers can check a vehicle has a valid permit on their handheld computers.

Apply for a permit

Parking zone maps

Download a map of the parking zone you live in.

Renew or change vehicle

You can renew your permit up to two months before your current one expires.

Renew or change vehicle