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Poole Farm

When we need a quiet haven to get away from the bustle of city living, Derriford Community Park is the place that we go. Offering a wealth of habitats and activities, wildlife and people alike can easily seek out the space that they need to thrive.

Throughout the ages this landscape has served pre-medieval settlements, military defences, paper mills and tramways. It is now Derriford Community Park, where we can benefit our climate, our public health and biodiversity. Here we let nature take the lead to re-wild places, and even re-wild people.

It’s a place for unwinding, connecting to ourselves and the natural world around us; perfect for independent discovery, with freedom to play and explore. Most importantly it’s a place we can go to just be ourselves.

We all enjoy Derriford Community Park in many ways, there’s no such thing as a typical visit. Whether we’re wandering down a woodland path, enjoying the sound of the river, spotting tiny creatures and wildflowers, or seeing the landscape around us change with each new season - no two days are ever the same. There’s something to suit everyone. Get hands on with nature, uncover your wild side and leave feeling inspired.

Derriford Park Map

Pay Poole Farm

If you have been asked to pay Poole Farm, select from the following options. 

When your payment has been made, please take a screenshot of your payment confirmation and email it to:

Education and visits 

For the reference use the school name, teacher name and year group.

Pay Poole Farm for education or visits

Produce (meat and honey)

For the reference list the items you have bought, the quantity and your name. For example 6 x sausages, 2 x chops D Smith

Pay Poole Farm for produce

Poole Farm (timber and wood)

Use timber and wood to pay for wood for construction. 

For the reference enter your name and the number of barrows. 

Pay Poole Farm for timber and wood

Poole Farm (wood for fuel)

Use timber and wood to pay for wood for fuel. 

For the reference enter your name and the number of barrows. For example 3 x barrows  D Smith

Pay Poole Farm for wood for fuel

Poole Farm (venue hire)

For the reference please use your business or surname, then the name of the space you are hiring.

Pay Poole Farm for venue hire

How to get to Poole Farm  

We welcome visitors as part of pre-arranged groups or if you are buying produce. We are easy to reach on foot, cycle or public transport and encourage visitors to get here in the most sustainable way possible. Please phone or email us if you are interested in visiting or have an enquiry.

Poole Farm Location Map

Access to Poole Farm is currently through our barn entrance for both pedestrians and vehicles. Visitors should take care when coming on site due to the construction work happening nearby. 

The nearest bus stop is along Keswick Crescent – this is only a two-minute walk from Poole Farm and buses here are frequent. If you're visiting Poole Farm by car, we recommend parking in the car park directly opposite the barn in Rydal Close, PL6 8TR. Check the maps below for more details and please contact us before your visit if you have any queries about how to get here.

How to get here – Vehicle/public transport 

Deliveries: Please call us on 07500 075719 for access details and directions.

Sat-nav: Please use the postcode PL6 8TR to get here and check the ‘How to get here’ documents above for access details. Do not follow our address postcode as this no longer takes you to the current Poole Farm entrance.

If you need to park on the farmyard please contact us prior to you visit so we can advise you on the best way to get here and make arrangements for your visit.

Get in touch  

Contact Details 

Email us directly 

Phone: 07500 075719

Address: Poole Farm, Leigham, Plymouth, PL6 8NF

Facebook: @PooleFarmPlymouth

Instagram: @poolefarmplymouth

Want to buy Poole Farm produce or hire a room?

Let us know if you would like to purchase honey, pork, wood or more via phone or email using the information above. 

Keep up to date by following us on Facebook and Instagram. For enquiries, email or call 07500 075719. 

Poole Farm

'Learning and wellbeing through nature'

Derriford Community Park - with Poole Farm at its heart - is setting the blueprint for future parks nationally. Growing people, nurturing enterprise and enabling a positive transition to net zero.

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