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Poole Farm and Climate Emergency

Big Climate Fightback

In 2019, Plymouth’s Climate Emergency Action Plan was produced to address the challenges and strategies being taken to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030. Making changes in our own lives is a vital component of the solution to climate change and we need a city-wide conversation about how people and organisations can take action to reduce emissions, as well as protecting and enhancing greenspaces for biodiversity, carbon capture and engaging people with climate change.  

We have delivered over £300k of biodiversity improvements at Derriford Community Park including 1.75km of new hedgerow, planted Plymouth’s biggest orchard (222 fruit trees) and approximately 1000 native trees within the park in 2019. The site offers space for tree planting which is listed as an ‘Immediate Action’ on page 39 of Plymouth’s Climate Emergency Action Plan and is well placed to help deliver and educate others on this action plan for engagement and responsibility.