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Health and Wellbeing at Poole Farm

Poole FarmVivid Economics’ nationally recognised modelling has shown that once up and running, Poole Farm & Derriford Community Park will bring £36m in benefits per year to Plymouth, mainly in health and wellbeing. We are well located as a ‘Wellbeing Hub’ and our relaxed farmhouse facilities, friendly animals and wildlife with the backdrop of tranquil woodland make Poole Farm the ideal place for visitors to unwind and de-stress. We work with organisations like Public Health and Livewell Southwest to deliver a bespoke eco-therapy programme. One example is an early intervention course run in conjunction with CAMHS which helps teenagers struggling with anxiety and their mental health. The programme consists of nature themed activities and gives an opportunity for the group to spend quality time with our animals, immerse themselves in nature and provide a break from the stresses of 21st century life.

As Derriford Community Park develops and we improve our facilities, we will widen the opportunities for everyone to access and enjoy this greenspace and contribute towards reducing the health inequalities across Plymouth. Poole Farm also offers the opportunity to improve the wellbeing of Plymouth City Council staff and is mentioned in the Plymouth City Council Wellbeing Action Plan. We offer away days where teams can hold their team meetings in the farmhouse, explore the grounds and get involved in farm and conservation activities during the day.

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