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About Poole Farm

Plymouth City Council are working with partners to create the city’s newest park, Derriford Community Park. This site, rich in wildlife will have Poole Farm at its heart, alongside a new visitor and education centre.

Since 2015 volunteers have contributed over 8000 hours working from Poole Farm, planting over 1600 meters of hedgerow, the city’s largest orchard and wild flower meadow, as well as establishing an apprenticeship scheme and habitat surveying. In 2018 part of the site was designated as a Local Nature Reserve - Seaton & Lower Bircham Local Nature Reserve. There are also exciting proposals to release a pair of beavers.

The farm will be a major part of the Community Park, scheduled for completion in 2021, which will provide a foot and cycle path network and new access points for local communities.

Poole Farm is a local nature partnership site that involves people in volunteering, learning and enterprise as part of the Derriford Community Park project. The farm, close to Estover and Crownhill, offers a welcoming countryside feel for all ages and experiences.

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Poole Farm is currently only open for specific events, arranged visits and private bookings please contact us for further information email derrifordcp@plymouth.gov.uk or phone 07500 075719. The Farm and office space are available to book.



Plymouth Beaver Reintroduction

Plymouth City Council are working towards the aims of the Seaton and Lower Bircham Valley Local Nature Reserve (LNR) management plan is proposing to undertake a science-led, re-introduction of a pair of Eurasian Beavers into a fenced trial site in the Lower Bircham Valley starting in 2019. This would be the first beaver population in an urban setting in the UK since beavers became extinct from the British Isles in the 16th Century. In the last decade beaver reintroductions in Scotland and Devon have enabled researchers to conclude that beavers engineer the habitats around them resulting in higher biodiversity, a reduction of peak flows and water quality improvements such as filtering out nitrates and sediments. There is also emerging evidence to suggest that beaver altered landscapes store higher levels of carbon and could therefore help to combat climate change.

Our partners the University of Exeter are conducting a survey to better understand local people's views on the reintroduction.

As part of the reintroduction we are working in partnership with Devon Wildlife Trust, Derek Gow Consultancy, University of Plymouth, University of Exeter, Natural England, The West Country Rivers Trust and the Environment Agency.

Bees at the farm

We have a number of hives at the farm and also produce and sell our own local honey.

Duchy Cornwall College

Poole farm is working in partnership with Duchy Cornwall College to deliver Level 1 and 2 animal care courses at Poole Farm. Students have the opportunity to gain experience and qualifications in the care and management of small mammals, birds and farm livestock. For further information visit www.duchy.ac.uk or contact enquiries@cornwall.ac.uk.