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Primary Placements Panel

The Primary Placement Panel (PPP) makes recommendations for the placement or provision for primary school-aged children: 

  1. where a Managed Transfer from one school to another is considered appropriate
  2. for those students permanently excluded from a school (and not re-instated at an appeal)
  3. where an education setting has not been agreed and where the school Admissions Team has been unable to allocate a place via the Standard Admission or Assessed Admission procedures
  4. who are seeking reintegration from ACE Schools Plymouth into a mainstream school
  5. who require a School Attendance Order
  6. in addition to the placement of students the PPP monitors and reviews the inclusion/exclusion data for Plymouth primary schools and informs the Inclusion Strategy Board.

Fair Access Protocol

A Fair Access Protocol (FAP) is a mechanism developed by a local authority, in partnership with all schools in their area. Once a Fair Access Protocol has been agreed by the majority of schools in its area, all admission authorities must take part in it. Every local authority must have a FAP in place.

Its aim is to to keep children safe and that vulnerable children, and those who are having difficulty in securing a school place in-year, are allocated a school place as quickly as possible, so to minimise the time the child is out of school.

Referral to the FAP should be seen as the last resort to secure a school place for a child. Where possible, children should be placed in school through the usual in-year admissions process.

FAPs should provide a fair and transparent system to ensure that all schools share the responsibility of helping the most vulnerable, by admitting their fair share of children being placed through the Fair Access Protocol process. This includes supporting those children who have been permanently excluded from other schools and those who display challenging behaviour.