Children excluded from school

Sometimes a child may need to be excluded from school to maintain an ordered learning environment. Decisions to exclude a child aren't taken lightly and legal guidance is in place to help everybody to understand the reasons for the exclusion and the procedures that should be followed. Your school will have a behaviour policy that sets out how they expect pupils to behave. If your child doesn't follow their school's behaviour procedures they may face detention, a fixed period exclusion or a permanent exclusion.

We can help to resolve individual behavioural issues to prevent a permanent exclusion by:

  • offering advice and support to schools with procedures relating to fixed term and permanent exclusions
  • offering advice to parents about exclusion procedures
  • working with schools in supporting pupils with emotional and behavioural needs to avoid fixed term and permanent exclusions
  • working with educational psychologists and other officers to prevent permanent exclusions or when necessary arrange further placement
  • liaising with other agencies
  • advising at exclusion meetings
  • making representations at independent review panels
  • supporting pupils and parents in arranging post exclusion placements

Before exclusion is used your school should try:

  • restorative justice (gives your child a chance to put right any harm done)
  • mediation (a person helps sort out any conflict between your child, other pupils or a teacher)
  • internal exclusion (your child is moved somewhere else within the school or moved to another class on a temporary basis)
  • a managed move to another school
  • a trial placement at another school
  • inclusion packages provided by Alternative Complimentary Education (ACE) centres

Email or call 01752 307405 to find out more about exclusion processes and procedures.