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Sharps collection

We offer free sharps collections if you need to dispose of needles.

Sharps (infected or non-infected) must be placed into a sharps container marked with a coloured lid. 

There are 3 different lids for sharps boxes:

  • Purple - disposal of toxic waste (Cytotoxic or Cytostatic - commonly used in treatment for cancer, rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis)
  • Yellow - disposal of contaminated needles
  • Orange - disposal of needles which are not contaminated

Request a collection, delivery or exchange

Use our online form to request a sharps box:

  • collection
  • delivery
  • exchange (collection and delivery)
  • rebook a missed collection or delivery

Find information on how to safely use sharps boxes and dispose of used needles.

Collection day

We collect sharps boxes from 7.30am on your collection day and aim to finish all collections by 4pm.

On collection day make sure you have:

  • placed your container at the agreed collection point
  • someone there to give our team access if we are collecting from inside your property

Clinical waste

Clinical waste is any waste which consists completely or partially of potentially harmful substances. These can be classed as:

  • Offensive (non-hazardous) waste
  • Infectious clinical waste
  • Infectious/non-infectious sharps waste

These waste types may be generated in household settings by self-medicating patients.

Your GP will tell you if items other than needles need to be disposed of as clinical waste.

If you are unsure if your waste should be classified as clinical waste ask your GP surgery or hospital.

WarningAll clinical waste believed to be infected should be taken away by your visiting District Nurse or GP. 

Items that do not need clinical waste collection

The following items do not need a clinical waste collection:

  • catheter bags
  • incontinence pads
  • non infectious dressings

These items should be double wrapped and disposed in your brown bin. Clinical waste is not accepted by our recycling centres.

If you have too much waste for your bin you can request a bin.

WarningOrange infectious waste bags can be collected by your visiting District Nurse or GP.