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Sunbeds and tanning

You don't need a licence to run a sunbed or tanning salon.

Sunbed and tanning salons must be adequately supervised to prevent children from using sunbeds.

Suitable eye protection should be provided and ensured (as far as is reasonably possible) that this protection is worn. Salons should display clear and accurate health information that explains this to users.

Businesses such as leisure centres and gyms need to make sure that sunbeds are positioned in a restricted area, to prevent access by under 18s.

We have produced the safe method sheet below as part of a free safety toolkit for businesses to complete. It offers best practice guidance and will help you comply with the legislation.


All staff must be trained on all aspects of running the salon, including how to check the age of customers and the type of ID accepted. Records should be kept of any training that is provided and training should be repeated regularly so standards are kept high.

Training resources


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