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Tables and chairs permit on a public road or street

All tables and chairs licences are now being extended for a one-off payment of £100.  This covers from 1 October 2023 to 30 September 2024, On the licences, it will show as “EXT” (this confirms that your licence is valid until 30 September 2023).  If you have not yet applied for this, contact

  • the amount of table and chairs (if you want to change the amount attach a new plan)
  • a current £5m Public Liability Insurance document
  • updated risk assessment (if anything has changed).

The extended permit will take effect from 1 October 2023.

Permits will be issued within five days of each completed application being received.

If you run a business and want to put tables and chairs, or other forms of street furniture on a public road you need to apply for a tables and chairs permit/licence.  You don't need a licence if you're putting the tables and chairs entirely on private land. Tables and chairs placed on the public highway without a permit may be removed with impunity by the Council.


Find the tables and chairs application form and conditions on our highways permits and licenses page.

On the day you submit an application to us you must:

  • attach a notice to the premises so it is easily visible and readable to the public
  • display the notice for the duration of the public consultation period which is 14 days from the day after the application is submitted. Public holidays are not included.

You are encouraged to:

  • keep evidence of the notice being displayed for 14 days
  • engage with services operated nearby for vulnerable customers for example:
    • care homes
    • disability organisations

Open consultations

Any open consultations will appear in this section.