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Transfer school during the school year

If you are moving to Plymouth or wish to move your child to another school within the Plymouth area, you will have to apply. This is called an “in-year admission”.

If you are moving out of Plymouth, you need to apply through the local council for that area.

Choosing a school 

Before completing an application form, read:

You can find schools on the GOV.UK website

You should read the school's admissions policy and check if they need a supplementary information form with your application. 

Your chosen school will have their admission policy and supplementary information form (if needed) on their website. 

Apply for a school transfer

You can apply for up to 3 schools.

When applying you will be able to rank your school preferences, your child may not get offered a place at these schools as they may already be full.

You can apply within 6 weeks of the required school start date. We won’t normally accept applications that have been submitted more than 6 weeks away from the required school start date.

If you have more than one child, you must complete a separate application form for each child.

We aim to tell you the outcome of your application within 15 school days.

You will be able to add documents and evidence to your application. If you need to provide documents or evidence after you have already submitted your application, contact school admissions:

Additional information 

Our parents guide has full details on: 

  • moving school
  • applying 
  • commonly asked questions 

Accepting an offer

Find information about accepting an offer on our accept a school place we have offered you page.

Supplementary information forms

If you are applying for a Community Primary School under the exceptional medical/social or staff criteria you need to complete a supplementary information form.

Community Primary Schools:

  • Compton CE Primary School
  • Laira Green Primary School
  • Lipson Vale Primary School
  • Mary Dean's CE Primary School
  • Pennycross Primary School
  • Yealmpstone Farm Primary School

If you are applying for an academy school, the supplementary information form will be on the school's website.