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Allotment tenant information

Slug pellets

Slug pellets containing Metaldehyde  have been banned, they can no longer be sold or used in the UK, as of Friday 1 April 2022, as they pose an unacceptable risk to birds, dogs and mammals.

There is plenty of information on the internet to encourage natural predators into your plot or garden, and for slug friendly deterrents. Slugs play an important role in planet-friendly gardening and maintaining a healthy ecosystem. More information is available on the Royal Horticultural Society website.

Water use on allotments

We encourage the use of water harvesting.

The Use of hand-held hosepipes only, no use of any sprinklers whatsoever. Watering time to be kept to no more than 10 mins per day per standard size plot (any size up to 179sqm).  There must be no use of hosepipes where troughs are provided. Hosepipes must be disconnected and stored off the ground.

Water charges are payable annually in advance, based upon the previous year’s usage and standing charge, as calculated by South West Water; the cost shared by all tenants.

For further advice on water usage go to the NSALG website.

Sheds and greenhouses

You need to ask permission from an allotment officer if you want a shed or greenhouse on your allotment. 

or call 01752 668000 for more information.

specify what you wish to do and to confirm the proposed location of the structure on your plot.

Sheds and greenhouses must be:

  • no bigger than 1.5 x 2 metres (new polytunnels aren't allowed)
  • made of plastic (we don't allow glass structures becausae of vandalism and wind damage)
  • clearly marked with a plot number
  • kept in good condition
  • placed on temporary foundations
  • positioned on the end of your plot so as not to cause shade, inconvenience or be of a hazard to your neighbours
  • half a metre back from main paths

Fruit trees and bushes

You need to ask permission from an allotment officer if you want to add fruit trees and bushes to your allotment. Submit a general enquiry or call 01752 668000, specifying what you wish to do and to confirm the proposed location of the trees/bushes on your plot, allowing for growth at full maturity. The trees/bushes must not shade neighbouring plots or obstruct paths when fully grown. Trees must be dwarfing roof stock and be located in the centre of your plot.


If you want to keep chickens you must:

  • ask permission from an allotment officer (Submit a general enquiry)
  • have had your allotment for at least a year
  • have met the terms of your tenancy agreement


You can take your dog with you to your allotment however you must keep them under control and supervised at all times and they must always be on a leash. It's also your responsibility to clear up any dog mess left by your dog.


Bonfires cause a whole host of problems including air pollution, health and safety risks and annoyance to residents in the surrounding area. We suggest that instead of burning your waste you compost it or take it to the tip. Only dry material can be burnt on or around 5 November (bonfire night).

No bonfires, or burning of any kind, on Fosters Field, at any time.


If you experience any vandalism on your plot you need to call the police to report the crime on 101. It's important you do this so that they can keep a record of any vandalism and help to minimise it happening in the future. You also need to call us to report it, so we have a record. We recommend you don't keep valuable tools or valuable items in your shed and don't put locks on your shed as these seem to be the ones damaged the most by vandals trying to break in.

We are asking all plot holders who's plot back onto headland or fence lines to not cut back any natural boundaries. The brambles are not only a great natural habitat but are also our best form of security. Sites can become vulnerable to trespassing and vandalism. We very much encourage plot holders to leave and nurture at least a meters width of brambles to preserve our natural security.

Please let us know if plots around you have, or are cutting back, the headland and do ask people not to do it.

Lost keys

Submit a general enquiry, if you lose your key and we'll issue you with another one (there's a £10 charge for this).

Moving house

Submit a general enquiry if you've moved house and let us know your new address. We'll transfer you to the waiting list for the site closer to your new home. This will be in date order of applications, therefore you may be waiting sometime and should consider if you can continue working your plot while you wait.

Help with your allotment

If you're struggling with your allotment, join your nearest association or a trading hut as they will be able to give you help and advice. The internet and local libraries also contain allotment guide books which you may find useful. For helpful advice, go to If you can't manage your plot, call and tell us as soon as possible, don't leave it to become overgrown as this will lead to non-cultivation letter.