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Plymouth Natural Grid project

Bringing nature to everyone

Plymouth Natural Grid is a partnership project between Plymouth City Council, The National Trust and Real Ideas. The project secured £1.2m from the Government’s Green Recovery Challenge Fund to deliver a habitat enhancement and restoration project over 19 months. From September 2021 to March 2023, we are on a mission to create jobs for young people, engage local communities and enhance wildlife (biodiversity). This will work towards improving access to nature spaces, climate proofing, and employment in the green sector.

Supporting access to natural spaces, climate proofing, and employment in the green sector.

The team is made up of Plymouth City Council officers, National Trust urban rangers and Real Ideas programme leaders. The team also includes 15 project assistants (Kickstarters, 18-24 years old). 

Aims of Plymouth’s Natural Grid project

  • Improving 390ha of land for people and wildlife through habitat enhancement and nature conservation as well as access and interpretation
  • Providing at least 22 new jobs including apprenticeships and Kickstart placements for young people
  • Facilitating short-term accredited learning opportunities for 96 people
  • Running 4 on-site nature engagement weeks in our more deprived urban areas of Plymouth
  • Connecting 1000 people with nature and raising awareness of enhancing wildlife (biodiversity), learning and employment opportunities 

Map of sites

Plymouth Natural Grid map

List of Plymouth Natural Grid sites 

  1. Bircham Valley
  2. Blagdon’s Meadow
  3. Budshead Wood
  4. Cann Woods
  5. Efford Marsh
  6. Ernesettle Creek
  7. Forder Valley
  8. Plym Estuary CWS
  9. Plymbridge Woods NT
  10. Saltram NT
  11. Seaton Valley
  12. Woodland Wood

Project inclusion

A focus on accessibility and inclusion is at the forefront of engagements as the team is dedicated to bringing nature to everyone. The project aims to include all demographics in Plymouth to access and enjoy the natural environment, including more deprived areas of the city. We engage with users and local communities of the 12 sites through interpretative materials and discussions around the work we are doing in the area. We will be running community ownership days for local residents and Friends groups to get involved. We will also run and support nature connection and biodiversity awareness weeks. The Plymouth Natural Grid team in collaboration with Pollinizer will facilitate schools around Plymouth in creating their own biodiverse friendly green learning spaces, with a focus on schools in deprived urban areas.

Social media

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