Naming ceremony

You can arrange a naming ceremony for a child of any age. If you're celebrating the birth of a new baby you can include the naming of an older sibling.

Ceremonies can be held at the Drakes Suite at Plymouth Register Office or an approved venue and can be formal or informal and include readings, poetry, music and people that are special to you.

Typical order of service:

  • Introduction and welcome
  • Readings or a speech by a special guest
  • Parents' promises
  • Guiding parents' promises
  • Signing of the certificate
  • Closing words

How to book

To book a naming ceremony, that can be booked up to two years in advance, call 01752 268331 or email

Naming Ceremony Fees

Plymouth Registration Service no longer accepts cash or cheque payments and can only take payments by card.


Type of booking Cost
Booking fee (non-refundable) £45
Booking amendment fee (non-refundable) £35
Monday - Thursday (office hours) £415
Monday - Thursday (5pm - midnight) £480
Friday and Saturday (office hours) £465
Friday and Saturday (5pm - midnight) £530
Sunday  (office hours) £555
Bank Holiday (office hours) £815


Type of booking Cost

Booking fee (non-refundable)

Booking amendment fee (non-refundable) £35
30 minutes Friday or Saturday  £405