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Brown domestic bin

All your waste must be contained inside the relevant Council provided bin/bags. You must not put any rubbish next to your bin/bags. If you have a bin the lid must be completely closed. If you have more household waste than you can fit in your bin/bags you can take it to your nearest recycling centre.

Request/replace a brown domestic bin/bag

You can request a brown domestic bin/bag for the following reasons:

  • you have recently moved into a new build and there are no bins
  • you have recently moved and bins are missing
  • a bin/bag is damaged (we will exchange the damaged bin)
  • a bin/bag is missing
  • you have too much waste for your bin

Remove a brown domestic bin/bag

What goes in your brown domestic bin/bag

You can put the following items in your brown waste bin/bags or communal waste bin.

  • coffee cups
  • food waste
  • lightbulbs
  • nappies
  • polystyrene


  • broken glass
  • mirrors
  • sheet glass

Shiny gift wrap

  • shiny foil gift wrap
  • cards with glitter and glue
  • dirty foil
  • foil lined food packets

Soft plastics

  • plastic bags
  • plastic film - if you can scrunch it up it cannot be recycled

Please do not put any batteries in your green or brown bin.

You can find your nearest battery recycling centre on the Recycle Now website.