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Charles Cross Transport Improvement Scheme - The plans

Planned improvements to Charles Cross include an additional lane for traffic heading southbound on to the roundabout from Charles Street and a new layout for traffic and pedestrians designed to ease queuing on Exeter Street. This will include the removal of the existing separate bus priority signals from Exeter Street onto the roundabout, improving the flow for all traffic, but with additional bus priority on the roundabout itself.

There will also be changes to the road layout northbound on Charles Street, including the removal of the traffic island between the roundabout and the entrance to Drake Circus car park, again to improve the flow for all traffic.

The pedestrian crossings at the Drake Circus car park entrance are to be widened and straightened to provide a more direct link for people walking to The Box when it opens in 2020.

Improvements to Hampton Street and the Ebrington Street junction will see the ageing subway infilled to allow for the new lane from Charles Street, while improvements will be made to the surface level crossing on Hampton Street.

The scheme will coordinate with the new Bretonside Leisure complex and The Box to minimise potential disruption during this period of transformation.

Charles Church, in the centre of the roundabout, will remain unaffected; respected as a monument to citizens of Plymouth who lost their lives during the Second World War.