Parking zone maps

Download the map of the zone you live in, have a business in or work in.

The maps are for illustrative purposes only. Each map shows the zone boundary. Permits are not necessarily valid in all roads within that boundary. Always check street signs before you park. 

Download Zone A [PDF, 4MB] Download Zone F [PDF, 4MB] Download Zone N [PDF, 3MB]
Download Zone AA [PDF, 5MB] Download Zone FF [PDF, 4MB] Download Zone P [PDF, 4MB]
Download Zone B [PDF, 2MB] Download Zone G [PDF, 2MB] Download Zone QA and QB [PDF, 2MB]
Download Zone BA [PDF, 2MB] Download Zone GG [PDF, 3MB] Download Zone R [PDF, 6MB]
Download Zone BB (Cattedown Road) [PDF, 2MB] Download Zone H [PDF, 5MB] Download Zone T [PDF, 4MB]
Download Zone BB (Palace Street (west side)) [PDF, 1MB] Download Zone HH [PDF, 2MB] Download Zone The Parade [PDF, MB]
Download Zone C [PDF, 5MB]

Download Zone IIA [PDF, 4MB]

Download Zone U [PDF, 7MB]
Download Zone CA [PDF, 1MB] Download Zone IIB [PDF, 2MB] Download Zone V [PDF, 4MB]
Download Zone CB [PDF, 2MB] Download Zone IR [PDF, 1MB] Download Zone W1 [PDF, 2MB]
Download Zone CC [PDF, 3MB] Download Zone J [PDF, 6MB] Download Zone W2 [PDF, 3MB]
Download Zone CD [PDF, 1MB] Download Zone JJ [PDF, 2.3MB] Download Zone W3 [PDF, 2MB]
Download Zone CE [PDF, 3MB] Download Zone K [PDF, 2MB] Download Zone X [PDF, 4MB]
Download Zone D [PDF, 5MB] Download Zone L [PDF, 462 KB] Download Zone Y [PDF, 4MB]
Download Zone DD [PDF, 5MB] Download Zone LL [PDF, 4MB] Download Zone Z [PDF, 4MB]
Download Zone E [PDF, 6MB] Download Zone MA [PDF, 2MB]  
Download Zone EE [PDF, 5MB] Download Zone MB [PDF, 2MB]