Parking zone maps

The interactive map below shows the different controlled parking zones in Plymouth, and can be panned and zoomed to show the streets in each zone. 

If you click an area it will give more information on the days and hours of operation for that zone.

Searching the map

To search by street name or postcode click on the icon in the top right-hand corner of the map  - similar to this [  ]. The map will open in a 'new window'.

Click on the magnifying glass icon in the top left-hand corner and type in either the street name or postcode that you're looking for.

If you already know which parking zone you live in, you can expand the list in the left-hand column and select a zone.

Zone boundaries shown here are illustrative. Always ensure that you check time plates on the street before you park. This information is for guidance only.

Although your property may show on the map within a controlled parking zone, there may be restrictions in place that means your property is not eligible for visitor and/or residential parking permits. Please check the property excluded list before you apply. Do not make any decisions based on the mapping system.


Download the map of the zone you live in, have a business in or work in.

 Zone A [JPG, 1.7MB]  Zone EE [JPG, 5MB]  Zone MB [JPG, 2MB]
 Zone AA [JPG, 1.9MB]  Zone F [JPG, 4MB]  Zone N [JPG, 3MB]
 Zone AN [JPG, 2MB]  Zone FF [JPG, 4MB]  Zone P [JPG, 4MB]
 Zone B [JPG, 1.6MB]  Zone G [JPG, 2MB]  Zone QA and QB [JPG, 2MB]
 Zone BA [JPG, 2MB]  Zone GG [JPG, 1MB]  Zone R [JPG, 2MB]
 Zone BB (Cattedown Road) [JPG, 1.5MB]  Zone H [JPG, 2MB]  Zone T [JPG, 4MB]
 Zone BB (Palace Street (west side)) [JPG, 1MB]

 Zone HH [JPG, 2MB]

 Zone The Parade [JPG, 1MB]
 Zone C [JPG, 4.5MB]  Zone IIA [JPG, 3MB]  Zone U [JPG, 7MB]
 Zone CA [JPG, 1MB]  Zone IIB [JPG, 2MB]  Zone V [JPG, 4MB]
 Zone CB [JPG, 2MB]  Zone IR [JPG, 1MB]  Zone W1 [JPG, 2MB]
 Zone CC [JPG, 3MB]  Zone J [JPG, 2MB]  Zone W2 [JPG, 3MB]
 Zone CD [JPG, 1.4MB]  Zone JJ [JPG, 2MB]  Zone W3 [JPG, 2MB]
 Zone CE [JPG, 3MB]  Zone K [JPG, 2MB]  Zone X [JPG, 4MB]
 Zone D [JPG, 5MB]  Zone L [JPG, 290KB]  Zone Y [JPG, 4MB]
 Zone DD [JPG, 5MB]  Zone LL [JPG, 1.5MB]  Zone Z [JPG, 2MB]
 Zone E [JPG, 1MB]  Zone MA [JPG, 2MB]