Accept, decline or give up an allotment

Accept an allotment

Before you accept an allotment, you can visit the allotment and ask someone to let you see the plot (take your offer letter down with you). The weekend is usually a good time to do this as there's usually more people around, or you can ring our office and an allotment officer will show you around.

Once you accept an allotment you can ask for your plot to be strimmed and have items left by the previous tenant removed. We can only prepare a plot once for a new tenant (often this will been done before you view it). If you ask for another strim or any other work, a fee will be charged.

Decline an allotment

When you decline an allotment, we can note your requirements and take these into consideration when offering you another allotment. Whilst waiting for a second offer you'll be put back on the waiting list (at the top), but we can only offer you three sites and if you decline these you'll be removed from the waiting list.

If you don't respond to an offer within the 14 days, we'll assume you aren't interested and we'll assign that allotment to someone else. If you accidentally missed the deadline, call our office and we'll put you back on the waiting list.

You can share your allotment with other people but you must tell us when you accept an offer, this includes if you want to share with your partner. This is important as if you give up your allotment and someone who is helping you is not a named tenant, they won't be able to keep using the plot.

Give up an allotment

If you wish to give your allotment up then it will be offered to the next person on the waiting list. Unfortunately you can't pass it on to a family member or friends. If we discover that someone else is working a plot registered to you then we'll take the allotment back and offer it to the next person on the waiting list.

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