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Plan for Trees

Plymouth's trees and woodlands, including trees in urban areas, make our city a great place to live, work, do business and create an environment to invest in. Trees do a really important job but they are too often overlooked. It is time to recognise what a highly valuable asset they are for Plymouth.

The Plan for Trees aims to help trees in urban areas become fit for purpose, resilient to the challenges of climate change and disease, and adaptable to whatever new challenges the future may hold. It covers all trees in Plymouth and we will be working with partners to achieve these goals.

View the Plan for Trees.

View the Delivery Programme.

This plan recognises that realising all of the benefits of urban trees will require significant effort and investment over a prolonged period of time from all partners and stakeholders. It is accompanied with a detailed phased and costed delivery programme developed to support Plymouth’s Plan for Trees, setting out how each of the principles will be taken forward and achieved.

The delivery programme has been produced, and will be driven forward, monitored and adapted by the same multi-disciplinary Steering Group that developed this Plan. Plymouth City Council have created a separate Tree Management Principles document that sets out the principles behind management of trees and woods on council land.