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Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs)

Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs) are usually made when a tree is under threat. This usually applies to trees on private land but we occasionally protect trees on our land. We currently have over 510 TPOs across the city.

All types of trees can be covered by a TPO but managed hedges, bushes and shrubs are not covered. If you live in a conservation area you will need to give us six weeks' notice of any tree work to trees over 7.5cm diameter at chest height. If we think the works are unnecessary or if the tree is important to the setting we might make a TPO.

It's an offence to cut down, top, lop, uproot, damage or destroy a protected tree and you will need to apply for approval for any works to be carried out. Unauthorised works can result in prosecution and a fine.

Below is a TPO map which you can zoom in and search to see if there is a TPO and/or conservation area near you.

Please be aware that although this will be regularly updated, it may not show the most recently made orders.

Trees can also be protected by a planning condition. If the property you are inquiring about has received planning permission in the last five years then the decision should be checked for any conditions relating to the retention of trees.

Please refer to the Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs) – FAQs for further information. If this page does not answer your query please email or call 01752 304366.