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Resolve a tree or hedge dispute

Before you make any works to a neighbour's tree or hedge, it is worth talking to the person responsible as they may not realise it is causing a problem.

You have the right to prune back (as far as your boundary) any vegetation that crosses your boundary as long as:

  • you make sure there is no tree preservation orders (TPO) or restrictions within a conservation area
  • the work done is not harmful to the long term health or stability of the tree or shrub
  • the work does not destroy or make the tree unsafe
  • you offer the cuttings back to the owner and if they do not want them you dispose of the cuttings responsibly (use our garden waste collection service)

You can report a tree problem if a tree owned by us is causing you a problem or you think it is dangerous. You are not allowed to enter council land or property to carry out any work or instruct someone else to do it for you (this includes climbing the tree). We will take legal action if a tree has been recklessly or maliciously damaged or if any work has been done on a protected tree.

High hedges

The right hedge can be an ideal garden boundary but the wrong hedge can sometimes cause problems. GOV.UK has useful advice about dealing with a dispute over hedges or you can fill in the form below to complain about a high hedge (there is a fee to do this).